Art of Sajad Hamdani

A sculptor by training, self taught painter and installation artist.

My ideas and concepts about art are quite simple I believe in the process of creation not in the objects I create. Firstly because the objects have their own history, space and time which is quite different from mine and secondly I am in a position  to alter  some of the elements in them. On the other hand, the process is a strange coincidence which occurs between the artist and the object. In order to create the process, a dialogue with object becomes necessary which is not possible if we have assumptions or beliefs. Therefore suspension of all the assumptions becomes an essential element in the process of creation.

Mandala, 2002
During the nine years of art study, I worked almost in all traditional materials and also explored the possibility of new and  rather unconventional ones, for example water and plastic bags.
As I have already explained that objects are not mere things or pieces for me which are in need of manipulation by me as a so-called artist, but I respect their material manifestation. This respect may be seen irrational in the present context of rapid mass production and consumerism but  this is the ideal which I have acquired every time I confront a piece of wood or stone.
Let’s see it this way, a tree which spent thirty or forty years in a forest is cut and goes through the process of weathering and other things, when it reaches to my table it transforms into a piece of flesh I am not capable of destroying it just for my self-glorification. It becomes necessary to have a dialogue  which eventually is a process.
Most of  my works have a strong relation with the places were they were created because the materials chosen for my works often I prefer   from the surroundings were they are created and to be installed. There was a time when I liked to work with power tools but now I prefer more traditional ways, only in extreme need I opt for one.